Norcentral is proud to provide the finest football facilities in the nation  for its student athletes.  All facilites are leading edge state of the art!


John Reid Field at Cold War Memorial Stadium

John Reid Field is named for gallant Texas Ranger John S Reid.  In May of 1876, Reid along with his troop of 6 brave Rangers led by his brother, Captain Dan S Reid, were murdered in an ambush near Bryant Gap by the Butch Cavendish Gang.  As a condition of his grant to the Institute, founder Tonto Basin insisted that the field honor his faithful friend.  In his best selling autobiography of 1909 Basin wrote, “I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my daring and resourceful friend Johnny Reid.”


Cold War Memorial Stadium

It seems that just about every university in the country has a memorial stadium of some sort.  We figured that we had better get one too so in 2013 Freaking Plover Stadium was renamed Cold War Memorial Stadium.  Sports writer Grantland Rice commenting on the weather during a 1952 game against Concordia- St. Paul wrote, “Playing here is like being in a cold war.” Game time temperatures hovered around -12º that autumn afternoon.

athletic dorm

The Marx 

Norcentral recognizes that the comfort and security of our student athletes is a prime responsibility and we answer that call with our elegant athletic dormitory, the Julius S Marx Quadrangle.  The Marx provides all of the comforts of home and a few of the irritations including a house mother that nags them to pick up their dirty socks and makes sure they wake up every day to get to class football practice on time.