Student Life

Welcome to the Department of Student Life! Our goal is to provide social, cultural and educational opportunities that promote student involvement and complement the learning that takes place on the practice field. It is through these experiences we hope to transform the football player from the time they first enter Norcentral to NFL draft day.

sadie marx

Sadie Marx Center

We recognize growth and learning occur in all aspects of campus life. The Student Life staff collaborates with players, faculty, alumni, staff, and community leaders to connect the players with innovative and intentional programs, activities and services. Through these various partnerships, we aim to help develop traditions, teach leadership skills, celebrate diversity, and enrich the overall quality of our football player’s  lives. The offices of Norcentral’s Department of Student Life are housed primarily in the Sadie Marx Center. Please feel free to contact them directly

residence halls

Women’s Housing Complex

Sometimes it looks like Norcentral only cares about the football players.  Not true, we have the nicest facilities of any institute in the world for our Lady Plovers.

Norcentral provides luxurious apartment style living for all of our women students.  Women students are not required to play football but they are strongly encourged to go out for our cheerleader and pom-pom squads.  Extra points are awarded for providing hospitality services during the football recruiting season.

Norcentral plans to field a Women’s Softball team in 2015.