Norcentral Plans Major Stadium Upgrade

Radio Free Dakota, the voice of Plover Nation, has confirmed through multiple internet bloggers that a Master Expansion Plan for Cold War Memorial Stadium has been approved and is expected to be announced at a future North Central South Dakota Polytechnic Institute (Norcentral) Coven of Directors meeting.


John Reid Field at Cold War Memorial Stadium

The project would commence following the final home game of the 2014 season Dec. 6, with work being basically done around the clock. One source said they hoped to have it completed for the 2015 home opener on Sept. 5, but another said that it ain’t gonna happen.

Sources put the cost of the Master Plan between $3.5 and $4 billion dollars.

The most noticeable upgrade to the fans would be in the south end zone, where additional seats would be provided by an upper deck, and for seating to increase from its current capacity of 50,000 to close to 55,280.

But the Master Plan is about much more than adding new seats.

Current suites are expected to be upgraded with new suites made available in the south end zone area.  Completely stocked bars would be included with each new and upgraded suite.

Substantial facilities upgrades in the south end zone, where the players currently dress, meet and press conferences are held, would result in a state-of-the-art video game room and HD video viewing facilities – a huge recruiting tool in today’s environment.

Cold War Memorial Stadium ranks among the 5 smallest on-campus facilities in the nation and, almost since its inception, the stadium has been a piece of work.

It’s expected Norcentral will be a Big Huge Conference championship contenda’ and a ………

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