Plover Nation Stunned by BCS Snub

You didn’t miss by far
You know you came this close
Close but no cigar
                                                 …with apologies to Thomas Dolby

The BCS final rankings were announced on Monday evening and for the first time since 2013 the players and staff of the North Central South Dakota Polytechnic Institute (Norcentral) Freaking Plovers will be watching the championship game on television.

The Plovers (12-1) finished third in the rankings behind second place Wisconsin (10-2) by some unknown and unexplainable tie breaker. Both schools scored 0.992 in the rankings.

Boise State (13-0) took the top spot.

The consolation prize for the Plovers will be a New Year’s Day Orange Bowl berth against 17th ranked Wake Forest.

Norcentral’s Head Football Coach and Chancellor (for life), Gomer S. Blake, was noticibly upset with the BCS decision. “What in the wild world of sports is going on here?”, he bellowed. “This is an abomination, a tapestry, a..a…oh hell. Let’s win!”  He continued, “We have been disrespected by the polls all season.  If I had half a mind I would boycot that Orange Bowl. Let’s win!”

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