Bye Week Kind To Plovers

Mobridge (UPI):  The one week respite between the regular season and Conference Championship was indeed kind to the North Central South Dakota Polytechnic Institute (Norcentral) Freaking Plovers.

Going into the week ranked fourth in the BCS, the Plovers slipped into the third slot thanks to the second ranked Arizona Wildcat’s loss at the hands of the Washington State Cougars in the PAC-12 Conference championship game.  While the Plovers seem to be tied with Wisconsin at 0.992 points, the Badgers get the nod for second place due to some tie breaker that we can’t figure out.

With a little bit of Plover Magic and a win this Saturday over conference rival Ohio State the Plovers just may squeak into the BCS Championship game.

Seeing first place Boise State lose to Hawaii is just too far fetched to even dream about.

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